We develop our technology to master a variety of demanding road scenarios across the US and China and address some of the toughest challenges in the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles.
Our Perception module combines the strengths of a heuristic approach and deep learning models to boost performance, while ensuring the safety and operational redundancy of our vehicles. Performance capability is further enhanced by our multi-sensor fusion technology, which intelligently leverages the reliable sensor data depending on different environmental or driving scenarios.
We fuse machine learning and deep learning to create a robust Planning and Control module able to smoothly navigate complex road scenarios — from the streets and highways of California to the bustling eight-lane intersections of Chinese metropolises, while being prepared for outlier behaviors or events caused by other road agents.
Localization is critical for our vehicle to determine its precise physical location - down to the centimeter-level accuracy. Our multi-sensor fusion approach provides rich datasets that enables us to create reliable high-definition maps to understand the static world around us, providing key information required for safe driving operations.
Successful autonomous driving technology deployment and scale rely on an entire set of supporting infrastructure. From the real-time onboard system to off-vehicle data processing and management, we have built a solid foundation that drives rapid iteration, scalable development of a high-quality system, and efficient testing in all aspects of software and hardware development.
Excellent performance, high reliability, and deployment-ready are the key guiding principles for our hardware solutions. Our engineers custom design the sensor fusion module and compute system to bring high performance components together with cutting-edge software, resulting in a tightly integrated full-stack system. All driving and safety-critical elements are equipped with hardware redundancies.
From all-electric passenger Robotaxis to long-distance freight trucks, our learnings and algorithms can be generalized across multiple vehicle platforms and applications to bring autonomous driving technology to a wide audience.